paper must be typed in a 10-12 point font, double-spaced with margins that are no more than 1 inch Make sure your paper is AT LEAST 700 words.

Part A The Most Beautiful Object in the Museum (art 1)

  • Think about what thoughts and questions are going through your mind as you look at the object. Try to answer these questions in your paper; don’t just list questions without answers.
  • Take notes that express your feelings and thoughts plainly and simply.
  • a detailed description of the work and why you selected it. (Use Questions You Should Think about When Looking at Art if you get stuck. However, do not list the questions in your paper. Answer them.)
  • the feelings the work aroused in you.

Part B The Most Interesting Non-European/Non-North American Work of Art (art 2)

Follow the directions for Part A. Make sure to list the country the artist is from.

Part C. The Most Disturbing Work of Art OR A Work of Art that You Disliked

Follow the directions for Part A.

Part D. 2 Paragraphs about a Special Exhibition

  • Please add a paragraph about a special exhibit at the museum. What was the title of the exhibit? What was the purpose of the exhibit? Give a general description of the artwork that is part of the exhibit.
  • In your second paragraph, select an object you feel is the most significant of this particular exhibit. Make sure to include the title of the piece, the artist, country of origin, a description and sketch, and why you thought it was the most significant of the exhibit.

Part E. What Would You Take Home

    • If you could take one work home, from anything in the museum, what would you select and why? Describe the work you have selected.


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