Please answer the questions below after reading “The Hanover-Bates Chemical Corporation case”

  1. How well does the Northeast District compare with other Hanover‑Bates districts in sales and profitability?
  2. Why has this district experienced a decline in profitability?
  3. What can Jim Sprague do to revive the profitability of this district?
  4. What behavioral problems must be overcome?

As you answer these four questions, please include you include a discussion of the following:

ISSUES – Recognizes multiple problems in the case. Indicates some issues are more important than others and explains why

PERSPECTIVES – Clearly describes the unique perspectives of multiple key characters

KNOWLEDGE – Discusses facts of the case in relation to empirical and theoretical research and add knowledge from personal experience

ACTIONS – Proposed actions seem to deal with the most important issues

CONSEQUENCES – Consequences are tied to the issues deemed most important

I did not have the case study, but please let me know if you can find the case study

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