Question answers

Discussion question responses should be approximately 50 – 100 words.

1.After considering the goals in Ch. 3, “Goals and Obstacles,” of Psychology of Success, what are some ways to ensure you achieve your goals? What obstacles can prevent you from achieving your goals? How can you overcome these obstacles? Explain.

2.How do you go about stetting achievable goals in your academic and personal life? What influences your goal setting behavior?

3.Reflect on what you learned about yourself in completing the How Stressed Are You? Activity. What is something you learned about your stress level that you didn’t know before? What can you do to control your stress?

4.It has been interesting reading your posts on stress. Most view stress as something negative however stress can be a good thing as well. For example, the stress of a deadline can get you going and accomplishing your goals. Some people say they perform better under stress because it gets them motivated. However too much stress over long periods of time is where the problem comes in because this wears the body down and lowers the immune system. Has anyone experienced any benefits from stress? Are there times when stress motivates you to get things done?

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