Step One: Write a Topic Sentence

Write a concise topic sentence that clearly states how a specific visual element or design principle is used, generally, to reinforce the power, meaning, emotion, or mood in a work of art that you select from our textbook, Artforms . This topic sentence will be the controlling argument for your next practice exercise, during Week 12. Please refer to the examples below.

Example of Topic Sentence that includes a Visual Element

In Impression: Sunrise, the artist, Monet, uses atmospheric perspective to evoke a sense of space that is both mysterious and convincing.

Example of Topic Sentence that includes a Principle of Design

In The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, the artist, Caravaggio uses directional forces to lead the viewer through the narrative of the painting.

Step Two: Submit your Topic Sentence

Write or paste your topic sentence directly into the text box for this assignment. Please do not paste your sentence into Canvas Inbox or the comment box, and please do not send it to me via email. Along with your topic sentence, please upload an image of the work you select.

Step Three: Review your Peers’ Topic Sentences

  1. You are required to peer-review the submissions of 3 other classmates that will be assigned to you.
  2. You can open and begin your assigned Peer Reviews from the To Do list on the right sidebar.
  3. To complete each peer review, use the Grading rubric to review each of your classmate’s submissions, then leave a concise comment, for each, in the corresponding comment box.
  4. Please use and refer to the criteria included in the Rubric as you write each comment.
  5. You cannot view previously submitted comments by any other reviewers.
  6. Your review is anonymous.
  7. Your peer review comments will not be graded, however, you must complete each of your assigned peer reviews in order to receive credit for this practice assignment.

Step Four: Revise and resubmit your topic sentence

After you have completed all of your assigned peer reviews, review and revise your own topic sentence based on what you have learned during the peer review process.

Whether or not you think your topic sentence needs revision, you must submit a revised version of your topic sentence in order to receive credit.

Please do not remove the first version of your topic sentence. Please make sure that both your original version and your revised versions are included in your submission for this assignment.


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