Timeline Technology

Building a Timeline for the History of the Internet

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to build a timeline that illustrates the significant milestones of the
Internet. Remember that all history is selective, and no two scholars can agree to the time when the Internet (or e-
commerce) actually began or what constitutes a significant milestone. You are encouraged to use your course textbook,
reliable sources from the Internet, and the university’s online library to support the information within your own timeline.

Also, this assignment involves using Microsoft PowerPoint to create a timeline. Feel free to design your own timeline, or
click here to access a template.

Be sure to include at least the following as part of your timeline:

  •  Include at least 12 milestones on the timeline.
  •  On separate slides, very briefly summarize each milestone—what occurred?
  •  Include dates on both the timeline and the summarizing slides.
  •  Include in-text citations on each slide for any outside sources used, and include a references slide at the end of
    your presentation.
  •  (Optional) Include a few images to visually represent milestones on the timeline.

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