Until 1955, editors published “corrected” versions of Dickinson’s poems in which dashes had been deleted, rhyme and meter had been made regular, and metaphors replaced with more conventional figures of speech. Imagine what corrections might have been made. What would have been lost? Use details from the poems to support your ideas. Why do you think the editors might have decided to change the original versions?

       The corrections that would have been made on Dickinson’s poems are features like the dashes . This means that, the poem should have presented the natural features that make sense in the modern world and which also made that, it eliminated the old norms of poem writing. The meter should not have been made regular due to the fact that, it brought in the aspect of laziness in the poem writing profession. This is because, the writers would write within the meter thus end up breaking the poetry rules due to the introduction of the meter. The changes that were made on the original Dickinson’s poems brought about the loss of the original taste that the original poems offered to the readers (Dickinson, & Vendler, 2010). What would’ve have been lost in Dickinson’s poetry is that? the geniune feel of the olden day poetry. There were features like the use of the dashes would be used and the author had a meaning to which she assigned the poetry with in the first place thus meaning the level of originality would be affected in a great manner. Secondly, the high level of creativity in the Dickinson’s poetry would be lost in the sense that, the features would not be employed anywhere again thus loss of the inheritance from the past age poetry. Another thing that would have been lost in this case is that, the flow to which the poetry was done those days would be lost because, the flow to which the poems were assigned had a meaning thus it will be nowhere to be found anymore (Tandon, & Trivedi, 2008). The authors thought the Dickinson’s poetry did not match the standards that are expected in the writing of poems in these days. It also means that, the authors thought that, she lacked creativity in the sense that, what she produced did not have much as they thought would have been achieved if they were the ones dealing with the poetry (Tandon, & Trivedi, 2008).

References Tandon, N., & Trivedi, A. (2008). Thematic patterns of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors. Dickinson, E., & Vendler, H. (2010). Dickinson: Selected poems and commentaries


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