week 4 discussion question Grand Canyon University: MHW-649

Below is my week 3 discussion question. They both need to be answered in a minimum of 200 words each.

QUESTION & DIRECTIONS: DQ1. Distinguish the fundamentals roles of a case manager versus therapist. What are the similarities and differences in their approach and overall goal for the client? Answer with a least 200 words

QUESTION & DIRECTIONS: DQ1. How would you handle the following two situations? What actions steps would you take in each scenario? Answer in a minimum of 150 each

  1. Your client expresses concern with his psychiatrist and his mistrust for the care he is receiving. You are the case manager on the case and this is your first meeting with the client.
  2. You have a difference of opinion concerning the services recommended for a shared client. You believe the client needs to be hospitalized while the psychiatrist on the case feels differently.

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