developing and issuing a job offer, management homework help

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3-5 Pages

Please use the book as a reference (pages are attached)

1.  The Job Offer Letter – Read the McDonald’s vignette in Strategic Exercise #1
on page 324 of your textbook.  Carefully think about what should be
included in the offer letter based on what you are trying to achieve. 
Then, using the information from the “Intro to Chapter Seven Video” and
Chapter 11 in your textbook, complete the following:

    1. Describe the goals of the offer letter based on the vignette and what you know of McDonald’s.
    2. Develop
      a comprehensive, well-written offer letter for Pat Edwards that
      incorporates all necessary job offer components discussed in the intro
      video (including an employment-at-will clause) that meets the hiring

      • Not
        only do you need to be sure that the letter contains all of the
        necessary information, but it must also be in the correct professional
        format.  For more on this, as well as an example, please see the
        following website: 

c.  Explain how this letter is designed to meet the hiring goals discussed in part “a” of this question.

Negotiations – To really be a good negotiator, you need to be able to
see issues from both sides.  This week you will be looking at
negotiations from both the side of the HR professional and the final

  1. Read
    the article “How to Negotiate Salaries with New Hires.”  Develop a list
    of recommendations that you could give to a manager that would help him
    or her to better negotiate with a final candidate.  Can you add
    anything that is not in the article?
  2. Watch
    the Deepak Malhotra video “How to Negotiate Your Job Offer.”Develop a
    list of recommendations that you could give to a job candidate that
    would help
  3. Describe
    an experience that you have had negotiating a job offer either as an HR
    professional, manager, or a job candidate.  How did you feel about it? 
    How could it have been done better? (If you have not ever had to
    negotiate a job offer, ask someone at work, a family member, or a friend
    about his or her experience.)
  1. Read the case study “Hiring FBI Agents” on page 325 of your textbook. 
    1. Thorougly address the three questions at the end of the case (page 325.)
    2. If you were a consultant, how would you suggest the FBI improve their process?


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