Compare between two film, film homework help

750 – 1000 words

Compare and contrast the social, economic and historical setting of each film, making sure to identify the key similarities and differences between the two films. Also, make sure to discuss how Godard’s style differs from Varda’s. Lastly, how is Paris depicted in each of these films? Differences? Similarities? What are the main themes of each film?

Discuss the style of each film and how each director uses stylistic conventions to promote their unique authorship of the story. Consider the neorealist rules we discussed in the last essay assignment and also discuss how each director diverges from realist filmmaking. [example: the use of the jump cut inBreathless]. What do you believe the directors are trying to say through the use of these conventions? In other words, what is each director saying about the nature of reality through the use of these conventions?

Just please make sure you follow the instruction, and discuss everything is asked.

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