Description and Purpose:

The application paper will assess successful analysis of the self and improving an interpersonal relationship. It also includes research and applying concepts to a variety of interpersonal relationships and their contexts to help manage and resolve conflicts. Adler and Proctor (2017) describe the importance of applying concepts to a variety of interpersonal contexts, which take into consideration how we communicate through the symbolic aspects of language and the physiological, psychological, and cultural factors that shape us in relation to interpersonal relationships. Becoming a better individual through behavioral and attitude change is paramount in interpersonal relationships.



  1. Create an essay with an introduction (includes an attention-getter, thesis, and main points), body, and conclusion (restate thesis, main points, and have last impression). Choose a topic for your interpersonal relationship analysis. Below are some examples:
  • Enhancing relationships with friends
  • Improving romantic relationships
  • Improving relationships with relatives
  • Enhancing relationships with parents
  • Improving relationships with siblings
  • Improving relationships with family members
  • Improving relationships with extended family
  • Overcoming shyness in relationships
  • Becoming less defensive in relationships
  • Becoming more responsible in relationships
  • Etc.
  1. Explain your close relationship(s). Define and explain close relationships in terms of intimacy and its 4 dimensions. Provide examples of each.
  2. Explain conflict encountered. Define and explain conflict, its characteristics, and the five conflict styles (competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating). Provide examples of each.
  3. Explain how you will become better in the relationship by applying two or more of the following concepts from our required textbook, such as listening, empathy, responsibility for feelings, perception checking, showing effective emotions, etc.
  4. Explain how you will improve your relationship with each step of the win-win collaborative problem-solving and provide lessons learned and growth.Requirements
    • It must be 1,400 words minimum.
    • It is typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font, and submitted as a MS-Word document via Canvas by the due date.
    • College-level writing is expected with proper spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and diction.
    • Arguments must have relevant examples and strong reasoning.
    • Define, explain, and apply the concepts (please see questions 2-5) by citing our required textbook in APA.
    • Cite at least three credible outside sources (e.g., scholarly journal articles, documentaries, encyclopedias, magazines, book reviews, chapter reviews, news articles, studies from websites) which are defined and explained well.
    • All sources must be cited properly by summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting using APA in-text citations and include all sources in the References page.


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