Ethical Reflections Papers-Kevin Powell, philosophy homework help

Instructions for Completing Ethical Reflections Papers

1. Choose an
individual choice or a social condition/policy from The Education of Kevin Powell that you would like to reflect on
from an ethical perspective.

Note: Please do
not choose choices that are too obvious with respect to ethics (e.g. it is
obviously wrong to get a five year old boy drunk on beer, so please do not pick
that choice).

2. Identify at
least two alternative choices that could have been made, or two different
social conditions/policies that could be the case.

3. Explain which
of the at least three options (original and two alternatives) should be
chosen.  It is possible that you will
want to defend the original choice or social condition/policy.  That is, it is not necessary to reflect on
something that you think is unethical, but rather something that you think
others might find unethical, but which you would like to defend.

4. Explain your
position.  You need to provide more than
just an indication of what you think is true. 
You also need to provide reasons why others should think it is true, as

Papers must be at least 800 words. Among 3 papers.

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