I have two study guides that I wrote for a “Strategic Planning” Course. The write up is done but I need editing done. One study guide has the comments and recommendations. The other has to be the same. I am including the email with recommendation, on what needs to be address.

The email addressing Unit 1.

I have completed my review of Unit I. It’s a really great draft, but there are some issues to attend to. I have used track changes throughout the document, as well as comments on the side. I used the track changes simply so you could see the kinds of edits I am making. You don’t have to comment on these unless you disagree with something I did.

I highlighted all the comments I need you to respond to. There were several issues with sentence structure and transitions. Sometimes, it was a bit confusing as to the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Overall, the lecture could use a bit more organization. A good way to achieve this might be to give your lecture headings and break it up into those sections. For instance, those heading might be something like “What is Strategic Planning”(give students a detailed explanation here – explaining terminology like “functions), “Why is Strategic Planning so Important?”, and “The history of Strategic Planning policies and organizations in the United States,” and “Conclusion.” These are just suggestions, of course. But, I do encourage you to consider looking at the organization and possibly rearranging some of the paragraphs.

Of course, like any academic paper, we need to have in-text citations and full APA references. You don’t have to be good at APA; I can edit whatever you send me. But, we need to have citations throughout the lecture so that we know what is original and what is paraphrased from another source. And we need exact webpages where the information came from. The home page of a website will not work – unless that is where the information came from.

It’s a good practice to read back over a lecture (maybe out loud and to someone else) at least once before sending on to me. I think that will really help with the readability.

Although you have already sent Unit II to me, I am going to wait to review it until you look through my feedback on Unit I. Please apply the feedback I gave you to Unit II and resend to me when you get a chance.

Thank you so much for all your had work on this course. Again, I think this will turn into much smoother sailing once we get a few issues taken care of.


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