Research Paper about a significant historical figure.

For this assignment, you will write your own nonfiction piece, a biography about another person. You will first be gathering information about a person in history that you find interesting. Your subject may be deceased or living; just make sure that he or she is a significant individual in history. You must use information from at least FIVE outside sources, and your essay must be at least five FULL pages in length.

A biographer who sets to write the story of someone else’s life must do a great deal of study and research. We’d expect someone who is going to write a biography on Shakespeare, for example, to read about the Elizabethan England. We’d expect the biography to find out about the lifestyle of the people during the time of Shakespeare (1564-1616). We’d expect that the biography would visit the places Shakespeare lived and where he died. And then we would expect that all this acquired knowledge would be recorded accurately and arranged to make all the places, people, atmosphere, and events of William Shakespeare’s life come alive in writing.

Essay must Include: Title Page, Outline, Corrected Rough Draft, Final Draft, Works Cited Page

All may be on the same document.

Thank you!

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