1970’s TV Shows: All in the Family and Good Times, assignment help (120 words)

Answer each question below in no less than 120 words. All questions are regarding the TV shows All in the Family and Good Times which took place in the 1970’s.

  1. All in the Family: Analyze the role of Lionel
  2. All in the Family: Why is the character of
    Michael Stivic deliberately created to be very annoying? Discuss Michael’s
    relationship with his father-in-law.
  3. Good Times:
    How is J. J. different from his siblings?
  4. Good Times:
    What does Florida Evans represent in this program? What are her duties?
    What are her limitations?
  5. All in the Family and Good Times: Describe the visual scheme of
    these two programs? In other words, what do they look like?

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