Analysis from Second Shift, sociology assignment help

Use the book  (( Hochschild, Arlie, with Anne Machung. The Second Shift. (New York: Penguin Books, 2003). )) to write the following essay on unit two of the book.  
Analytical Concept (1-2 paragraphs): Choose any concept or idea from the unit we’ve just covered (domestic work, contraception, poverty, etc.) and briefly outline the way the author uses this concept.
Critique the Concept (1-2 pages): Show what works if needed, but, more importantly, focus on what does not work or is missed through the author’s use of that concept. Either reappropriate or reject the concept and offer a new, more illuminating concept.
Apply Your Concept (2-3 pages): Take a concrete instance from real life (Compare parenting magazines from different decades, your experience working at a bridal boutique, compare marriage equality bumper stickers’ use of “family” with that of those against it… really, get creative) and apply your new and improved concept to it, illustrating how, at least in this instance, the author may not be fully “on” in her own analysis.

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