Each reading response is worth 10 points. To earn the ten points you should write at least 200 words on EACH example essay, and those words should convince me you’ve carefully read the assignment.

Beyond that, you may respond any way you wish: you may agree, disagree, analyze the rhetoric, answer the questions after the text, or talk about something related that it reminded you of.

Please write responses to “How to Integrate Europe’s Muslims.pdf,” “Droughtbusters.pdf,” and “Shale Gas Revolution.pdf” You don’t need to write on (but you absolutely should read) Little Brown Handbook pages 569-611 (see schedule for title of section if you have the 13th edition) as I will test you on that.

If you consistently write reading responses that lead me to believe you are not doing the reading or only skimming it, I will lower your score.

Try to make each reading response at least 1/2 page.

If you have questions, please email or ask in the discussion board.


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