General Workplace Questions/Own Experiences

Task1: 1 Paragraph, 2 References

Consider the below topics and answer the below question:

1.What Employers look for in an Intern:

2. 3 Tips for Hiring and Managing Interns:

3. Hiring Interns – 3 reasons why Entrepreneurs should be interns:

Question: How have you met your company’s expectations as an intern and what is one way that you will contribute as an intern to the company during this session?

Task2: 1 Paragraph, 2 References

Based on the below article, what should you do to add value to your job as intern?

Article Link:

Task3: 2-3 Page APA Paper with 5 References:

In a 2-3 page paper describe your workplace. You are to analyze the strategic objectives of your organization, and reflect on your contribution towards achieving such objectives. Illustrate your understanding of the organization’s marketing strategy, competitive differentiation, and advantages.

Task4: 1 Paragraph, 2 References

Based on the developed technology, if you were the CEO of your company, what would you like to do to give your customers more values than the competitors?

Task5: 1 Paragraph, 2 References

Companies may move ahead of the competition by doing things in new and different ways. What are some innovative ideas you would like to apply to your company to be ahead of the competitions?

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