I would like you to write a 3 sentences summary of a 2 pages article. I already have written a first draft which I have attached below. All what I want you to do is to have a look at my summary and see what needs to be modified ‘OR’ you can just start it over from scratch. In case you felt like you wanted to start it from scratch, please make sure to start your summary with the following sentence/clause: In “No Regulation on Energy Drinks,” the author …..Then you just start your summary….

I’ve attached the article as a pdf document as well as the 1st draft summary.

* Nationality: International student – Freshmen [Electrical Engineering]
*Religion: Not christian, Buddhism, nor Jewish.
*English level: in the middle between B2 and C1 [College (Undergraduate)]
*Please make sure to not use any outsider sources.

*It has to be plagiarism free.


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