Indonesia development

Describe the most important development challenges facing Indonesia today (or at a relevant point in its history).Some subsidiary points and questions to help guide your writing:

  • A development challenge(s) (i.e., 1 to 3 depending on how much detail present) might be a problem, crisis, or urgent goal.
  • Who are the stakeholders in this issue – who stands to be impacted, to gain, to lose?Who gets to decide on how to address the challenge, who will be impacted by the decision?
  • What plans exist or have been tried to address this challenge?With what results?
  • Present any historical background a reader might need to understand these challenges.

Use at LEAST one source from what I provided ( check “Hickel” ) recomended that you use more . USE outside sources as well.

Format Requirements:

  • Double space; 1-inch margins on all sides; font no smaller than Times 11 point; include page numbers
  • MLA citation style
  • Maximum Length – 2 pages (Works Cited/Reference page can be an additional)

Grading Rubric: 100 points total (counts for 5% of the total course grade)

5 pts – proper use of citations.

5 pts – organization, clarity, grammar, etc.

10 pts – grasp of development challenge (i.e., problem, crisis, or urgent goal)

10 pts – what plans exist for addressing this challenge

10 pts – relevant historical background

15 pts – account of stakeholders and how to address the challenge(s)

15 pts – use of course readings and lecture

30 pts – handing it in on time and w/proper formatting

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