• You must use at least 1 peer-reviewed reference published within the past 4 years (and not used in the original posting) in your response.The reference must be from the library (see guidelines above).
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  • Use APA format and write in 3rd person.


“Organizational Culture is the set of assumptions about the organization and its goals and practices that members of the company share. It is a system of share values about what is important and beliefs about how the world works. It provides a framework that organizes and directs people’s behavior on the job” (Bateman, Konopaske & Snell P.62).


In this article, the authors wanted to investigate how a restaurants higher operational effectiveness can be affected by the service quality. They also want to know if the size of the restaurant can also affect the quality of the service. Will a larger restaurant experience be better than a smaller restaurant experience? They state that restaurant size has proven to influence restaurants’ operational efficiency and guest’s quality perceptions of the restaurant. They used different models to project that this data was true. The restaurant industry world wide makes three trillion dollars. As customers travel around the world trying different cuisines is always a priority. people are always looking for new places to eat that serve delicious food and have great service. Service quality substantially influences guests’ satisfaction and is an crucial determining factor of restaurants’ profitability. Restaurant directors must have realistic perceptions of guests’ quality expectations in order to deliver high-quality services. Customers will always be top priority in the restaurant industry. They will always be the leader as where you lead in the field.


Organization cultures is an important contribution to a restaurants image. It serves as a model, a promise and an experience to all diners. You can make a diner’s experience worse or the best they ever had with the quality of service and food that you serve. “The global restaurant industry market is driven by quick changes in customers’ preferences and their ongoing sense of exploration of new offers” (Kukanja, Planinc, 2019). Each restaurant stands for their own mission which they have built their company on and based it on how well their service is. Quality service is what most people strive for. In our family restaurant, family, friends and food is what has kept our customers returning for more. Our restaurant presents itself as a clan (collaborate) organization culture. We enjoy loyal customers who will always carry a memory from when they dined at our restaurant. Leaving a lasting and loving impression and making people comfortable at our establishment is what we strive for on a daily basis. Each company bases their mission, vision and goals based on the needs of their customers. Afterall, a lot of companies would not be here today if wasn’t for the average consumers who believe in their mission to satisfy their needs and wants. “Restaurant managers must be constantly innovating and offering high-quality services to satisfy their guests’ quality expectations and gain a competitive advantage” (Kukanja, & Planinc, 2019). This means that there is always room for management to adapt to the consumers desires and improve any areas that they lack based on customer needs. This requires quality of the restaurant, the values it stands for, and the practices it needs to imply in order to succeed and prosper. When they implement the needs of customers, innovations from the company, and organizing strategies from the managers, it allows companies to truly profit at its highest potential. “Teamwork is also a good way for the exchange of ideas and information and for discussion” (Dimovski, Škerlavaj. Škrinjar, & Štemberger, 2007). Teamwork at a restaurant is essential in order to give the best dining experience. You are constantly held to a standard and you must always comply to the rules and regulations set forth by management. We always love to hear how our staff is doing and how we can improve as a company. “Positive changes in the way people act (behavioral changes) and perceive their internal and external environments (cognitive changes) are expected to have a positive impact on organizational performance”( Dimovski, Škerlavaj. Škrinjar, & Štemberger, 2007). Positivity is such an important aspect to running a business. We always encourage people to leave their feedback on social media outlets to let people know about their dining experiences. Even mentioning a server’s name will always leave a positive impact on how we as a company made a customer feel and that’s what we want to be remembered as. A manager must entrust in the company’s employees and what they are doing to impact the company’s culture. They must work continuously to reach the goals it has established. Excellent service will always separate the excellent companies from the terrible ones determined by the customer. It creates the competitive market that allows businesses to be innovative and ahead of the game. Empowerment motivates people to keep going and to keep producing the best that they can.

Biblical Integration:

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:3). With entrusting yourself with The Lord plan, you are not only allowing yourself to grow with Him walking besides you, but you are entrusting the plan He has made for you. When you commit your work to the Lord, anything is possible. A person must never forget He is there and knows the plan even before one has thought of it. He is the omniscient and eternal one. He knows everything about everyone past, present and future and we must never doubt Him but only welcome Him onto our doorstep. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). This is important to know in our daily, professional and spiritual life. One must entrust in the Lords plan for He is the one who will protect them when they fail and when they see success. That is our mission in life.


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