mindset (growth or fixed), discussion week 3 help

Analyze the example above, and consider which mindset (growth or fixed) each
student demonstrates during their first math class. Now, reflect on your own
beliefs about school and learning. Based on what you learned in the video and
article, do you think your intellectual abilities are fixed or able to be
developed? How does your mindset change as you approach different tasks?

Write: As you consider your own beliefs and mindset, address the
following in your response.

  • In your own words, define the terms fixed mindset
    and growth mindset.
  • Describe a situation (i.e., personal, professional, or
    academic) where you had a fixed mindset. What thoughts did you have or
    comments did you make to reflect a fixed mindset?
  • How could you have changed your thoughts to reflect
    this idea of a growth mindset?
  • Explain how having a growth mindset will help you
    persevere to graduation.

Your initial
post must be at least 250 words in length.

Review the attached then follow instructions, thanks.

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