Modern American Hist. Reconst: Discussion Question

1. Answer ONE of these questions: 1A) In our opinion, which one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program made the most important and lasting changes to U.S. society? Using historical details from the readings or assigned videos, explain why you feel this way and discuss an example(s) in detail to support your argument. OR 1B) In your opinion, what was the least successful program, or biggest failure of the New Deal? Using historical details and examples from the readings or assigned/recommended/optional videos, explain and support your argument. Again, only pick ONE of these questions to answer. (10+ sentences. 20 points)

2. The New Deal forever changed the face and role of the federal government in American’s lives. Based on the types of programs that were ultimately sponsored by the New Deal (and compared with previous types and absences of government programs explored in this course), explain 1 major way the New Deal changed the face and role of the federal government. Explain your answer in 5+ sentences and be sure to discuss details from course materials (versus simply writing a several vague and overly general opinion sentences).

HINT 1: one idea that might help you arrive at an answer to this question is to think, what type of future federal government programs do you think the New Deal set the stage for? Only address this question if it will help you arrive at an answer to this discussion question. You’re not required to address this hint in your response. HINT 2: You could, if you wanted to, try to connect/compare/contrast the New Deal program to the coronavirus stimulus package passed by Congress this past week. I’ll include a link to this package at the end of the Week 9 module if you’d like to read more about it. HINT 3: I’m also including 2 political cartoons giving opposite viewpoints on the Great Depression in the next file. They may also be helpful for this response. With the hints, you only have to mention them if they will help you with this response.

Use your best guess. There can be multiple right answers and as long as you thoughtfully discuss accurate historical details from this week’s course materials, you will get credit for your response. I mainly wanted to encourage you to think about what long-term ramifications emerged from the New Deal. (5+ sentences, 10 points)

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