Output –Cost/Revenue information is very important to all firm around the world in order to take any crucial decisions including pricing decisions. Since we are living in a globalized word and in a competitive business environment, business people are mainly looking for comparative cost advantage to survive in business. Therefore understanding cost information is very important now-a-day’s business. You are the future managers or business people in Oman so thoughtful of output –cost/revenue relation is crucial. The business you are going to write about is Talah Cafe in Sohar, Oman. This is the link of their instagram…

Consider the short -run cost conditions of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Oman, either you are familiar with or you are working for and lay the output –cost/revenue /profit/loss information of the firm in the following table -1 and answer the subsequent questions (a, b………f,) linked to the prevailing cost conditions of the selected firm.


The assignment should have:

A Cover page: The cover sheet must include the following information:

  • Student ID
  • The course title and code;
  • Use Times New Roman, and be consistent and use the same font throughout.
  • Avoid coloured backgrounds.
  • Use 12 point for the body of your assignment and 14 for headings.
  • Use 1.5 spacing and fairly wide margins.
  • Leave a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Justify your work
  • Use bold for headings. Not underlining or italics.
  • Number all pages except the title page.
  • Tables and figures (if included) must be numbered and clearly labelled. Table captions should be placed above the table, while captions for a figures below the figure.
  • Don’t number the items in a reference list.





Word count

Total words 1500

Remember that the cover page, reference list and appendices are not included in the word count.

For full Details please open the attached document.


Please see attachment to review all the details.

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