paper 1


– i have these five questions please answer each question of them in one page, so the total pages will be 5.

– the line spacing should be 1.5.

– do not use citations and please avoid plagiarism and write clear ideas.

for the first question, i just want to let you know that i am international student just in case you are wondering.

thank you and feel free to ask me anytime.

1. What aspects of cultural diversity do you feel will impact you the most in your career: international, intercultural, intergenerational, or gender? Why? How do you plan to deal with it?

2-Explain how behavioral theories about human needs, trust and disclosure, and motivation relate to business communication.

3-Explain the rationale and significance of this statement: Saying “no” is easy; the challenge is to do so while protecting goodwill.

4-What steps do employees go through when major change(s) in the workplace occur but is not communicated adequately?

5-What is the purpose of “fake news” and how can you determine if it is fake? Provide at least one example.

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