Reading reflection, English homework help

Choose One of the assigned group articles and respond as follows: please summarize the article before responding to the que

Hagedorn, W. B. & Hirshhorn, M. A. (2009). When talking won’t work: Implementing

experiential group activities with addicted clients. Journal for Specialists in Group Work,

34(1), 43-67.

Lieberman, R. P., Eckman, T. A., Marder, S. R. (2001). Training in social problem solving skills

among persons with schizophrenia. Psychiatric Services, 52, 31-33.

McKay, E., Beanlands, H., et al (2006). A group intervention to promote healthy self-concepts and guide recovery in first episode schizophrenia: A pilot study. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 30(2), 105-111.

Ronningstam, E. & Anick, D. (2001). The interrupted career group: a preliminary report. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 9(5), 234-43.

Weingardt, K. R., & Weiss, R. A. (2000). Skills training groups on a psychiatric intensive care unit: A guide for group leaders. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 7, 385-394.

Connections: How do the textbook readings or article readings connect to what you have already learned in class or to your experiences prior to this class?

Challenges: How do the readings or articles challenge your thinking or beliefs? What new ideas extend or broaden your thinking in new directions?

Concepts: Identify the top 3-5 key concepts that are important to remember from your readings this week. Please define each concept. .

Changes: What changes in your attitudes, thinking, or action would you need to make to apply what is suggested in your readings?

Be specific.

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