spanking, Child psychology assignment

After reading the material about hitting and spanking children in your textbook and in Chapter 12 of Your Kids, Their Lives, discuss in detail at least 6 reasons why children should not be spanked, hit, or otherwise mistreated by parents (P. 176-180 Your Kids).

Explain the difference between discipline and punishment and note some of the effects of punishment. (Pgs 169-174 Your Kids). How can discipline be used to problem solve issues with children? What techniques is it best to avoid?

How might a parent prevent problems before they occur? (P. 182-201 Your Kids)

You may also use the Internet for additional information. This is a serious assignment so do not take shortcuts in your answer.

Be very specific. Remember, no personal opinion or editoralizing. Stick to the facts. This paper should be at least two pages long, single-spaced (which is four pages, double-spaced). Be sure to cite your sources of information at the end of the paper.

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