writing a research paper , marketing homework help

 The individual paper should be of a maximum of twenty two pages (22) double-spaced typewritten pages (excluding cover sheet, exhibits,
bibliography, and appendices) in length. The number of participants determines
actual team paper’s length.  Papers will
be graded based upon content, quality, and pride of authorship. The grading
criteria includes: 1) Paper appearance (title page, table of contents,
tables/graphs/charts/graphics, foot-notes, reference list, appendices, etc.);
2) Problem-solution consistency (introduction clearly states the research
objective, logical flow of the text, conclusion contains set of meaningful
recommendations); 3) Content originality in each chapter; 4) Project uniqueness
(topic formulation, methods of analysis, ways of data collection, caliber of
recommendations, personal vision, material presentation techniques); 5)
Research practicability (can be recommended for use in an industry).

I want you to write about Emirates Airlines based on table of content attached. 

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