California’s member district 1, Republican Agriculture committe​e

Please answer the following question within at least 250 words in a list and beneath provide details.

Question must be answered in the position of California’s member district 1, Republican Agriculture committee.

In this committee’s jurisdiction, list three issues that have been under consideration during the 116th Congress (January 2019-present) and the political stances you (California’s member district 1, Republican Agriculture committee) have taken on these three issues.

* Cite any resources you use to answer this question. (To answer this question, you may find it helpful to refer to your assigned member’s official website, the congressional committee’s official website, search some news websites, or search for bills that your member has sponsored in the committee’s jurisdiction.)

* The answer must be done on the originality of thoughts.

*Work citations must be done fully and accurately.

*NO plagiarism is allowed. All sentences must be paraphrased, easy to read and clear for the detail.

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