Counterargument essay writing-rguan

This is a counter argument essay, my original essay is post in the attached file. Need to read that essay, and then make a counterargument essay based on the following steps. Total need 6 paragraph. Need 2 full pages.

Write a short assessment of your counterargument using at least 6 paragraphs according to the guidelines below. You may vary the first sentence templates that I’ve included below with different transitional phrases if you wish, but you must include similar transitions and include all of the paragraphs below. If you alter your Q@I and/or enthymeme, use the new one(s) for this assignment. The Q@I that your Counterargument Assignment responds to should be the same Q@I as in your Essay 2.1.

The assignment should be approximately 2 full pages in length. Due on Canvas Thursday, November 29.

Paragraph 1: Begin this paragraph with the phrase “In the essay I recently wrote for Writing 122, I argued that…” Then, write or paraphrase the enthymeme you gave in response to your question at issue. Spend one paragraph summarizing the argument you make in your essay. Do this without looking at the essay itself; recalling your argument from memory can be a helpful step for reformulating your ideas and identifying which aspects of your paper are most important to you. If you have trouble summarizing your argument, it may be an indication that your argument is not yet as organized or focused as it needs to be, so this step may help you identify ways to restructure in revision.

Paragraph 2: Begin your next paragraph with the sentence, “Still, there are some potential weakness in this argument.” Then, as objectively as possible, identify the weaknesses you see in the argument you describe in Paragraph 1. What are the holes in the line of reasoning you’ve written? What are the pieces of evidence that you use that are likely to be least convincing to a reader? What factors relevant to your thesis have you left out or skated over? Identify WHO might disagree with your argument: someone (privileged or already disadvantaged) who stands to lose something? someone inside or outside your discourse community? Ideally, this paragraph will be an honest recognition of the aspects of your argument your readers might legitimately question.

Paragraph 3: Begin this paragraph by writing, “The logic that my argument rests on is as follows: [Then, state your warrant/unstated assumption (UA).] However, someone might object to the logic of this unstated assumption.”Write a short paragraph explaining why someone might disagree with your UA. Analyze the UA as objectively as possible to see what about it might not be assumed by everyone.

Paragraph 4: Begin this paragraph with the phrase “I can identify strong arguments that someone might make responding differently to my question at issue.” List at least two strong claims that answer your Q@I differently than you do in your essay. List at least one reason for each of these differing claims. (Thus this paragraph should simply consist of two enthymemes.)

Paragraph 5: Begin this paragraph with an enthymeme that takes a position that counters your enthymeme. It should be the claim that is both the strongest and most opposed to your own, combined with the strongest reason for this claim. Write a paragraph where you present the opposite argument to the one you presented in your essay, which should include an explanation of how this new enthymeme’s logic/UA counters your original UA. To write this paragraph, imagine that you have to write an essay arguing this other perspective: What are the best possible reasons for why some particular person might make this argument? Develop a line of reasoning and evidence. Be thorough and thoughtful. This may take more than one paragraph.

Paragraph 6: Begin this paragraph with the phrase “There are weaknesses in this argument as well.” Then, as objectively and ethically as possible, identify the weaknesses in the opposing argument you have just described. Focus on providing a rebuttal or refutation of this argument itself, not on showing how other arguments are better.

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