Evaluate the benefits and limitations of the telehealth communicator device to improve patients’ safety and quality, Week 4 Assignment 1

Week 4 Discussion Question 1

For this question, please read the following scenario and then respond to the questions noted below.

You are working as a customer service educator for a company that sells the newest telehealth communication devices, which are meant to provide information and tools needed to deliver safe, effective, and patient-centered care. One morning, you receive a call from the nurse educator at a client home health agency. The nurse educator reports to you that they have piloted the telehealth communicator device with a client who has a diagnosis of unstable angina and congestive heart failure. However, on the second day of the trial, when the community health nurse attempted to retrieve daily weight and other vital sign data, which should have been transmitted via the telehealth device, the computer failed to work. Now the staff are frustrated and do not want anything to do with this device.

  1. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of the telehealth communicator device to improve patients’ safety and quality.
  2. Discuss how you will address the issue of failed technology to your client.
  3. This week’s discussion is an exciting one as it deals with the use of technology to improve patient outcomes! As patients are being discharged, sooner and with increased acuities, telehealth is one method to prevent re-hospitalizations. In addition, telehealth can be used to empower patients so that they can direct their personal care.Suter, Suter, and Johnston (2011) utilized adult learning theories as a theoretical framework for the implementation of telehealth in home care. The authors proposed that teleheatlh can be used as a conduit to (a) empower patients, (b) increase patient self-efficacy, and (c) improve patient outcomes. Do you believe this to be true? Why or why not?ReferenceSuter, P., Suter, W. N., & Johnsotn, D. (2011). Theory based telehealth and patient empowerment. Population Health Management, 14(2), 87-92.

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