How did the Neo-Dadaists and the Pop artists use imagery? Art & Design Assignment Homework Help

There are 5 discussion questions and each question needs to be between 100-150 words. Please include the discussion question with the response on the completed work.

1.) In order to remake modern art, to what did Johns and
Rauschenberg turn?

2.) How did the
Neo-Dadaists and the Pop artists use imagery and objects produced by mass

3.) How did the work
of John Cage attempt to make the audience as important as the artist?

4.) How would you
describe the work of Robert Rauschenberg? How is it different from what had
come before? Why did Rauschenberg create his art with this approach?

5.) What are some of
the themes present in the work of Andy Warhol? What do you think his subjects
communicate? Would you describe his subjects as uniquely American? Explain your

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