How I GRADE Discussions: This is a graded exercise, and it has the grade weight of a quiz. While you are asked to make a case, your grade depends on the examples and evidence you provide from the text and lecture. Use details and specific examples to back up your claim. Prove you did the work–that you know the text, lecture and video. You must use examples from ALL sources. Give yourself credit for using your sources with an abbreviated cite at the end of the sentence. (p 296) (lecture)(Wells video) like so.

I have provided a rubric for you to see how you will be graded. Found in your Task List for Thursday and at the “Assignments” tab, you should print it out and follow the guidelines for the minimum you need for your posts to earn a passing grade. The more thorough you are, the better the grade!

First Discussion:

View the excellent documentary about Ida B. Wells – Social Justice Crusader. (You only need to watch ’til the 44 min. mark. The entire documentary is very good at 54 minutes.) The writings of Wells are read by the award-winning writer Toni Morrison; the most acclaimed historians of Wells and her era participate in this film.

WARNING: Graphic descriptions of lynching in the late 1800s. Wells’ life work was to stop the lynching.

DISCUSSION DIRECTIONS: Ida B. Wells Barnett was a woman whose life and work symbolizes the roles, challenges, and activisms of African American leaders during and after the Reconstruction Period. Her work perfectly illustrates what you are learning about Reconstruction and meanings of freedom in the text and about the backlash of white supremacy described in the lecture. (Be sure you relate these things in your discussion!)

Wells was a working woman who came from a poor background. She experienced the racial turmoil during this period in Tennessee, New York, and Chicago. She became an activist for African Americans and for women. The breadth and depth of her work was unparalleled: she worked as a journalist who fought to end lynching (most particularly of African American men) and to gain civil rights for African Americans. She also fought for women’s suffrage and rallied women in women’s clubs. Your book and lecture tells you more about the events in her time that help you to understand why she became an activist.

1-EXPLAIN two (2) historical events during this period (1865-1900) that were most important in guiding, or motivating, Ida B. Wells’ to be an activist and in guiding her work. Look at BOTH events in her personal life AND events of her time described in lecture and your text as well. Which 2 events were most impactful on WHY and HOW Wells became an activist? (Explain the events, explain WHY they motivated Wells, and HOW she was an activist because of those events–what were her strategies?)

2-EXPLAIN why you think the ones you chose are important, and why are other events less important than those you chose?


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