I have already wrote the first part of the paper (I will attache the first part so you can know the topic I wrote about)

the second part is this one:


  • Assignment will be written in 480-500 words (excluding bibliography)
  • At least ten academic peer-reviewed sources
  • 12 pt. font, double-spaced, one-inch margins
  • APA-style bibliography
  • Do not include a cover page or write the course information on top of the paper


  • The paragraphs will be assigned into at least three broad themes.
    • Each paragraph will introduce the theme, and then discuss subtopics within it.
    • Each paragraph will conclude with your one sentence summary of the theme. This is your contribution to the topic.
  • All sources cited in the bibliography must be utilised in the main text, and vice versa.
  • All sources cited in the bibliography must follow APA format with alphabetical order, chronological order, hanging indent, and sentence case.
    • Failure to cite properly will negatively affect the grade you receive for sources.


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