Step 1 Read the Essay Project 1 Assignment Sheet

Essay Project Evaluation of an Article _1_(1)-1.docx

Step 2 Complete Essay Project Revision

Please complete the revision checklist for your essay.

Step 3 Complete the final draft of your essay

Follow the guidelines in the assignment letter for the essay. Use all the feedback given to polish your draft. Use all of the information you have learned so far in the course about writing to improve your final product. This should be a complete draft, not the just the initial draft submitted.

Step 4 Save and submit your final draft assignment along with the original rough draft.

Be sure to also include your rough draft, so your instructor can see the changes you made.

When you have completed your assignment save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.

the first rough draft here attached below:



and here the revision attached below:


And also the practical argument book (for the article) attached below

If there is something not clear please let me know


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