Is the American Family in Trouble?, Discussion Board Question help

This is a Senior Seminar Class :

I will upload a example of how it should be and 2.1 chapter you have to use this chapter first before you go to other resources. 2-3 paragraph

Question: Is the American Family in Trouble?

Each student is expected to Post an original response (2-3 paragraphs) to the weekly Question from the textbook, starting with the textbook then at least other two sources from any legitimate mainstream book, journal article, periodical, or newspaper (in that order of importance; email me if you are unsure of a source’s legitimacy). No dictionaries or encyclopedias, especially Wikipedia, are allowed. You must properly cite a source for anything that is not common knowledge, let alone if you quote from it (and if you do, you need to also have a page number). This means in English and properly formatted and not just a URL (web address).The more sources and citations, the better your grade will be (opinions need facts to back them up for proper social science). I will also expect these Posts to get better and longer as the Term progresses.

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