Project Feasibility, business and finance assignment help

For this assignment, you are a project manager. Your management has
asked you to plan a project to develop an online shopping application to
run on the newest model of the Blackberry smartphone. You know
Blackberry has had its challenges in the marketplace, and this causes
you concern.

Develop a well-written and well-organized paper that addresses the following:

  • Discuss how your organization selected this project for further
    consideration. Be sure to include an overview of how decision rights are
  • Perform a feasibility analysis for this application development project, indicating for each risk:
    • The likelihood that the risk will materialize
    • The magnitude of its impact
    • Risk avoidance, mitigation, and transference approaches.
  • Based on your feasibility analysis, give your recommendation for how this project should proceed.

You may write in the first person for this assignment, taking the perspective of the PM

***3-4 Pages in length, plus 2 references all in APA……don’t forget the in text citations and reference page***

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