Select a quantitative nursing research study from the current nursing literature (5 years old or less) and design an online poster.

The poster should include the following information:


a. Identify the problem statement (why was the research needed; what was the researcher asking; why was the study carried out in the manner that it was?)

b. Research question(s) (what questions did the researcher want to answer?)

c. Hypotheses (what was the researcher predicting?), if present


a. Describe the process of implementing the research study (how was the study done?)

b. Describe the sample (who was included in the study and how were these participants selected?)

c. Describe the procedures used to collect data

d. Identify the independent and dependent variables

e. What interventions were tested?

f.How did the researcher address ethical considerations?


    1. What were the limitations of the study?
    2. Summarize the significance of the study to nursing practice (how can the study results be used in clinical practice, or not?)
    3. What are the recommendations for future research?
  1. Your grade will include points for organization, neatness, and creativity (colors, background, graphics, or pictures may be added to your poster). It should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Note: The student must submit a copy of the study to the instructor via email for approval to ensure that the study meets the criteria for a quantitative nursing research study.

To make the poster:

The student will use a PowerPoint Template (one slide) for constructing a quantitative research poster. The student will fill in the template with the information about their particular study and submit the poster. A sample template is posted.


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