Tesla Comparison GM Fordcar company

1. The question here is whether Tesla is overpriced in comparison to other car companies like GM and Ford, off hand I would say yes. But only if you consider Tesla, nothing more than a car company.
Let’s consider for a moment that the CEO Elan Musk has a dream to one day live on Mars. Think about that for a moment; under normal circumstances; one would say that he was insane. Until you consider how much of his dream he has already figured out. Tesla is not only an electric car company but instead; it is a whole ecosystem. They not only sell you the car, but they can also sell and install the solar cells on the top of your home to charge that car and power your home. Then they take it one step further in that they can also install battery packs on your home to store the power created by there solar cells. Thus allowing you to power your house all night on the power you generated during the day. Giving you the possibility to run your home and means of transportation 100% off of solar energy created by Tesla.
What does this have to do with interplanetary travel and whether or not Tesla is overpriced? Well, it so happens that Elan musk also owns Space X which is vital to completing this interplanetary ecosystem. Space X currently supplies the international space station and uses vertically landing reusable rockets. They have the goal of sending the “first cargo mission to Mars in 2022… [and] a second mission, with both cargo and crew, is targeted for 2024” (Spacexcmsadmin, 2016).
So not only do they have the means of getting to Mars but, they have a self-sustaining system for generating energy and then storing that energy. Not to mention the technology for creating vehicles that could easily work on Mars thin atmosphere. I have no dought that If Elan Musk is successful the first cars driving on the red planet will be Teslas. Not to mention the power generated on the red planet will be generated by Tesla solar cells and then stored in Tesla battery packs. So I would consider Tesla much more than a car company. It is not farfetched that they might soon become the first interplanetary car and energy company.
That being said I have invested in Tesla in the past and I would again. But I would play the long game with them.

2. I would like to start my contribution to this week’s conversation about Tesla with this statement. I started researching Tesla years prior to the first Model S being built, because I wanted to save lives in combat. I remember thinking that if even half of what I was reading about the Model S was true, this company is going to change the automotive industry forever. Hopefully, everyone has seen the movie Tucker, because shaky laws and ruthless competition were the only things that could stop the company in my mind. Those thoughts accured to me over tens years ago. I bought the stock within days of the company going public. I test drove a dozen luxury vehicle and my said none of the feel like they should cost as much as the do. She changes her mind when she drove the Model S. She never pushed the accelerator to the floor. She just drove it like a regular car. When we arrived at the second stop sign she said, “This is it, but we need to wait for the SUV.” My wife hates cars. She hates driving them.

I currently own the stock and a Tesla automobile. I suppose that is my attempt at a full disclaimer.

I can give you call a million reasons why I believe the company will succeed, but I won’t. I will touch on a few key points and hopefully someone will reply a few times, because I got behind and now I am on the comeback trail. Here are my reasons for investing in Tesla.

The product: I own a Model X. (Note: I bought a used Ford Explorer and drove if for 22 years. The Tesla replaced my ford.

The product is so far ahead of every other care on the market, I can’t even describe it all. Most analyst will talk about missed production dates but fail to grasp the rate of growth. The key to Tesla success will be its products. Consider this;

The Model S can spring faster than a Porsche.

The Model S is safer than a Volvo. (Highest rating of any car ever tested by the highway traffic administration.)

The Model S is twice as efficient as a Toyota Prius. The Prius is the previous car of choice for environmentally friendly people.

The Model S can carry as many people as the average minivan. (I will admit, the last two folks in the back need to be small.)

After the aforementioned statements, I can assure you that none of those features are the best part of the product. The best thing about Tesla is that the cars and products get smarter all of the time. Tesla doesn’t wait for model years to update the cars. Tesla doesn’t wait for your next service to update the cars. Without fail, my car has improved at least once every 6-8 weeks sense I have owned it. More importantly, the car sends maintenance messages back to the service department, so you don’t have to remember when you have an issue. The maintenance team give you the list back after the next service. Tesla’s evolve on a monthly basis. The company doesn’t advertise because word of month is a testament to the product.

The Irony is that I am not a “fan boy.” I pride myself in calling it like I see it. So here it is. When older automakers come on board, they will build nicer interiors and better performance. I have no doubt about that. Tesla’s advantage will be in battery production and cost per watt. Tesla lives and breaths innovation. Eventually, I believe the company will sell batteries for homes, utility companies, and other car makers from multiple giga factories. Several industries will get disrupted at one time. The car market, vehicle transport market due to AI, petroleum industry, and convenience store market. I will stop there and add a little more later with some reference. I read Tesla articles almost daily. I will be the first one to admit that the Beta doesn’t work in all of the factors weighing on this company right now. More to follow…

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