This is a great post. You did a solid job with your comparisons of the cultures. Thank you for your work. You wrote, “Countries will begin to adopt ethics and social responsibility while learning from other cultures and using the information to approach a different aspect of life and business for successful outcomes. For example, a company like McDonalds opens stores around the world and thus must have an understanding of the culture of the host country to provide goods and services that meet their needs. Therefore, McDonalds learns the values, characteristics, and rules to participate in a given country. There are high chances that a McDonald’s restaurant in Indonesia will offer customers sambal chili rather than ketchup (BC Campus, 2019). Consumers from other countries may also become interested in tasting the chili, and thus, the company has to ensure that they are responsible for addressing such needs.” Other than developing similar palettes, are there any additional impacts you foresee? Financial or otherwise? Please advise.


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