Using the NAXOS Music Library, identify one non-Western musical choice and one Western musical choice. The critical thinking checklist will help you gather the evidence to support your assertion that you have chosen a Western or a non-Western musical style/choice. For each piece of music, write at least 1 paragraph that fully explains all of the items on the critical thinking checklist. Be sure to provide the “Static URL link” to the piece in your explanation and use complete sentences. If you do not know how to access the “Static URL link” in Naxos, view this tutorial.

Critical Thinking Checklist – Music

This list will help you think through what you are hearing throughout our time together.

  1. What year was the song created? Where was the song created?
  2. Who is the musician/group of musicians?
  3. What instruments were used in the song?
  4. What background details can I find about the group/musicians?
  5. Is there any cultural or religious significance to the song?
  6. What elements of music are present? (for example: Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch and Scale, Melody, Harmony, Dynamics, Tone Color/Timbre)
  7. What do I hear?
  8. What similarities and differences can I hear between my two choices?


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