Vision & mission Statement Critique


The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the vision and mission statements for one company from the attached list.

You will:

  • practice using analytical skills,
  • develop your research skills,
  • present and defend your opinion by formulating judgments about information.


  1. Select a company from the Company list (attached).
  2. Visit the company’s website to locate its vision and mission statements. You may have to do some more research if the vision and mission statements are not readily available on the website.
  3. Copy and paste the actual vision statement of the company into a word document.
  4. Critique the vision statement for the organization (See pages 45-56 for how to develop/critique vision and mission statements).
  5. Make sure your critique highlights which of the five (5) characteristics the vision statement complies with.
  6. Write a one-sentence revised vision statement for the company.
  7. Explain in a paragraph how or why your proposed vision statement is better than the existing vision statement.
  8. Copy and paste the actual mission statement of the company into the word document.
  9. Critique the mission statement
    and indicate which of the ten (10) characteristics and nine (9)
    of a mission statement discussed in the textbook, the
    company’s mission statement complies with (see Table 2-3 &Table
  10. Develop an improved mission statement for the company.

Your submission should include the following:

  1. Actual vision statement
  2. Critique of the actual vision statement
  3. Proposed vision statement
  4. A paragraph explain why or how your proposed vision statement is better than the company’s existing vision statement
  5. Actual mission statement
  6. Critique of the actual mission statement
  7. Proposed mission statement

Make sure to pick a company that has both vision and mission statements.

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