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One example of an innovative interdisciplinary health care model is Accountable Health are “organizational structures within which hospitals, physicians and others can work together to provide the most cost-effective care and be held accountable” (Shortell, 2010, p. 17). ACOs use multiple teams within the patients’ healthcare needs. The point of including multidiscipline to come together for each patient is to ensure that each patients needs are being met. It is also to ensure that each discipline cares for the patient in the best way possible while keeping costs down and getting the patient better faster and to help reduce readmission rates. ACOs also aim to “create incentives for hospitals and physicians to reduce unnecessary admissions through better disease prevention and primary care; reduce preventable readmissions through better coordinated care; and reduce unnecessary and costly use of hospital emergency rooms. The hospital business model shifts from maximizing inpatient care margins to maximizing total care margins” (Shortell, 2010, p. 17). By reducing readmission rates, insurance companies do not need to pay out as much thus decreasing costs across the board and allows those that truly need inpatient care to receive it at the time that they need it. It also multiple participants within the different disciplines to anticipate the needs of the patient from there on out and to provide them with ambulatory outpatient services rather than waiting until inpatient treatment is necessary.

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