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Reflect on your behavior, reactions and responses when in
a conflict or difficult situation with another. This can be at work, or in your
personal like. It is often good to think of a particular situation you were in.
What happened? How did it effect you? What were you thinking? What did you do?
How was the outcome?  What would you do
the next time something like this happened? Look at it from a different
perspective (the perspective of the person you are in this situation with). This
exercise will help you to become skilled in “perspective taking’ or
“re-framing.”  Try to look at
this experience and describe it from different perspectives. For example, how
did other participants view the situation and what did it mean to them?  What would a neutral observer have seen and
heard?  Now that you are revisiting this,
do you see the situation differently? 
Look beneath the surface and try to explain why the people involved
(especially you) behaved as they did. 

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