Go to Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2019. The link is (Links to an external site.)

Research the companies and pick three that are in your area of business study.

  • Financial Institutions for Finance
    Accounting/Financial Firms for Accountants
    Hotels or Retail for Marketing
    Production or Retail for Management
    Anything for Entrepreneurship

Write a summary of the three companies, using the View Company Profile under each company on the 100 Best website. Use the following questions as starters:

What do the companies do?
Why are you interested?
Where would you have to move?
What is starting salary for the entry level position you want? (use or other salary websites)
What is the cost of living where they are located? What does an apartment in a good location rent for?
Can you live on the salary they start at?
Go to the company website and find job postings,then choose one for each company that you would qualify to apply for and add the information to your report.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to present in class

Finally, Pick one as your top pick for where you would like to work.

  1. Read the above assignment.
  2. Type your response using Microsoft Word only.
  3. Minimum of 600 words, double-spaced, font size 12, font-style Times New Roman, 1-inch margins all around, and use MS Office Word, not Works, software. Have at least two references listed on a separate work cited page. The “number of words” do not include your header or the work cited page. To determine the number of words in a MS WORD document, look in the bottom left corner of the document, OR click Review tab, click on the icon that has ABC123 in the Proofing. Enter the number of words two spaces after the last paragraph.
  4. Use the following header in the upper left-hand corner:
    Name: Your first name, your last name
    Date Completed:
  1. Your answer will be in a single file. Name the file: LastNameFirstNamePro-D.
  2. Submit your assignment online ..
  3. You need at least three outside peer reviewed articles for reference.
  4. Use APA 6th Ed. for all citations and references.


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