Poetry in Motion, English homework help

I need a poem that I can perform as an audition for a tv show. This is for english III. 

Write a poem that has a central image or symbol that clearly conveys the theme and effectively uses at least one example of each of the following: symbolism, sensory imagery, metaphor/simile. Poem contains multiple examples of hyperbole, understatement, allusion, or irony. Figurative language is organic to the poem and enhances depth and interest. Show excellent attention to structure by using line and stanza breaks appropriately and use rhyme, rhythm, or free verse in an original, compelling way. Line length and punctuation enhance the rhythm of the poem.

Carefully consider the structure, sound, and figurative language you have used to enhance your poem.

Write a paragraph or two that describes your inspiration and why you decided to perform your poem the way you did.

I will do the recording, I just need the poem written. I would like it to be a masculine poem.

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