Use of Theory to Analyze Your Group Experience, management homework help

Paper should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, 12 point font of either Times New Roman or Arial. Citations in text and the reference page must be in APA format. At least 5 supporting articles from well-respected, peer reviewed, empirical sources are required in addition to the textbook. Papers without external references which are cited in-text, and documented in the reference section will not be graded. Papers are to be posted at the assignment link on Bb. You may post the assignment as many times as needed up to the due date/time. If you are late, you may post the paper up until the next class session with a 10% reduction in points.
totally 5 page 1 page is abstract APA format
Paper Contents
Points Possible
Discuss in depth: 1 or 2 theories from the course pertaining to teams. Present the theory, explain what it means and why it is important in working in teams. Support your discussion with peer reviewed literature from academic sources. 30 point
Discuss: How was the course topic exhibited in your team. Use examples. 20 point
Integrate: Did your understanding of this course topic change your behavior or the team’s behavior? How will this impact your work as a manager in the future? 30 point
Clarity of writing, grammar, word choice, punctuation – extra credit of 5 points if you have worked with the Writing Center, post the final paper online AND submit marked up first draft with Writing Center stamp, date, and Writing Center’s counselor name in hard copy, in class on the due date. 14 point
14 (+5 Extra Credit Possible)
Appropriate citation and references 6 point
the theory : Alderfer’s ERG theory and type A type B personalities
My group members all type B personality including me.

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