Use your knowledge of food-related vocabulary to suggest healthy eating habits for USF students. Be sure to include some of the stem-changing verbs you have learned in this chapter.

After you have completed the assignment and saved the file, upload the file to Canvas


  • Your document should be double-spaced and docx or pdf format only.
  • Your paragraph should have approximately 120 words.


Para los estudiantes que quieren seguir (‘want to follow’) una dieta saludable (‘healthy’) pienso que es muy importante tener un buen desayuno. El desayuno es la comida más importante del día. Los estudiantes pueden empezar con un cereal con poco azúcar y leche.

Remember that for all writing assignments you are expected to use only Spanish.

You may want to use the verb deber meaning ‘ought to, should’ as in Los estudiantes deben beber agua en vez de refrescos (‘They should drink water instead of soft drinks.’).

Foreign Languages

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