● Should “black”–as a descriptor or contextual marker–be retired? What are two strong arguments for and two strong arguments against the use of this label as a continued descriptor? Use evidence from the reading and the website to support your conclusions. (Write 100-200 words per argument/conclusion)

● Describe two definitions/perspectives of “beauty” advanced by DeFrantz. How could each of these perspectives adjust how people might view, interpret, judge African American dance? (Write 100 words for each definition/perspective.)

● How do your conclusions above relate to today’s issues of race? Connect your ideas to specific events/issues and tell why your ideas are important to consider in today’s racial climate. (500 words)

Below are some resources

DeFrantz, Thomas. “African American Dance – Philosophy, Aesthetics, and ‘Beauty.’” Topoi, vol. 24, no. 1, Jan. 2005, pp. 93–102.

Gregg Delman Photography. “American Ballet Theatre Soloist Misty Copeland in a Shot from Her 2013 Calendar.” Dancer Misty Copeland Has Broken Barriers to Bring Ballet Center Stage, NY Post, 2 June 2013,

“The Official Website of Misty Copeland.” Misty Copeland,

Rampersad, Arnold, editor. The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes. Vol. 893, Paw Prints, 2008.


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