1. Define the term ‘developmental science’ and discuss why this is important to parents.

2. According to the readings, “By understanding and celebrating the strengths of all individuals, and the assets that exist in their families, communities, and cultures to promote those strengths, we can have a developmental science that may, in these challenging times, help us, as a scientific boy and as citizens of democratic nations, to finally ensure that there is truly liberty and justice for all.” What is your interpretation of what this statement really means, and how does it relate to the field of education?

3. Name the five selves discussed in this chapter, and tell what aspects of the child each self includes.

4. List and discuss the ingredients that should go into a good day for young children.

5. Why were standardized tests developed as a result of legislation for young children with disabilities? How are they used?

6. How does the history of standardized testing include testing with infants and young children? What kinds of standardized tests are beneficial for children under age 6?


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