1. 1.Select one of the  following 2 geopolitical theories as framework for your analysis: Nickolas Spykman(Rimland) or Sir Halford McKinder(Heartland).

    2.Using your selected theory or hypothesis analyze Russia’s response to perceived threats to their homeland(NATO,EU,WW2 etc).Ukraine is an excellent example response; Baltic states and NATO.Note: Blackboard sybl.article: Russia and the curse of geography.

    3.Include in your analysis a brief statement regarding the defensive power of Russia’s physical Geography and the location and irrendentistic influence  of Russian minority populations in former SSR’s(Soviet Socialist Republics),Ukraine,Baltic Republics,Moldova and Central Asia.

    4.The role of geography in the defeat of Nazi Germany WW2:Operation Barbarossa.Include in your analysis climate,equipment and effects of weather on personnel and tactics.

    2 pages of narrative and conclusions plus selected references and map.

    References preferred to be 6-10 

    So in total almost 3-4 pages 


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